The devil is in the detail, so please read this section before applying to DDA.

Digital Design Academy is a series of lectures and workshops during which all our participants will learn and advance in their design skills with help from industry professionals.

Lectures and workshops will cover offline and online design. DDA is free of charge. Participants will learn about the history of design, typography, grid systems, illustrations, UI and UX design, interaction design, and much more.

The goal

The purpose of DDA is to increase design community in numbers and create an incubator for new and young creative minds. Also, one of the major benefits is a preparation of participants for competition on labor market and development of their design skills. There is also an opportunity to working for organizer or partner if the student shows "appetite" for progression.

Organizers and Partners

Organizers of DDA are Mono, Prototyp and Osijek Software City. Partners are Marivo, Radnja, Mit, EFOS, COBE, Smashing Magazine and Studio 33.

We provided participants with professionals well-known in the design community for sharing their knowledge through workshops, conferences, lectures in Croatia, Serbia, and region.

Lecturer commitments

The lecturer will provide participants with reading material or homework for the next time. Also, the lecturer will provide mentoring for participants via Slack or an email.

Student commitments

DDA will span across three months, and participants who sign in and get a chance to participate are required to finish academy and take classes. Otherwise, a student who has an (unduly) absence of three classes will be expelled from the academy.

Every student will be provided with a computer and all necessary software or equipment for that class.

Participants will have a final class where they will present their final project and get their diplomas signed by Osijek Software City Secretary.

Selection of participants

A maximum number of participants on DDA is 20. The judges will go through applications and select the best. The results will be sent to every applicant by email.